@Ashton5SOS boobs are just a great thing to be honest, sorry about this extremely male tweet

make me choose
morgrana asked: tfios or the avengers?

Everyone is asking me why am I in the studio if I’m on a break. Because music is what I love to do. This isn’t work. This is what I love.

“I come from a very humble upbringing and I wouldn’t change that for the world because it has got me to where I am today. But at the same time, I’m very privileged – I have a loving family and a lot of friends, who care about me and are proud of what I am doing… Or I like to think they are! I couldn’t have asked for more.”

My whole life it was never about having control. Shit would just come out with my face on it, and that was it. So now nothing can have my face on it, my name on it, that isn’t dope — that isn’t a part of the movement.

It’s really important to stand up for yourself and not always agree with what people say if indeed you don’t feel that that’s true.

Is somebody of here from Spain and you like The Vamps so you’re going to go to see them the 22-23th of May? x

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